Why You Need An ATV This Summer

ATVs are incredible machines, especially if you love the outdoors, owning an ATV is a must! Today, our Powersports store in Lebanon, MO would like to share with you benefits of owning an ATV this summer! 

Get Outdoors

Who knew riding an ATV could be good for you? Riding does take some physical effort and can be good for you. ATVs are fun and exciting, so it is a great way to release some built-up stress. Get outside and get some fresh air and some vitamin d from all the sun you will soak up.


An ATV can have many different uses. It can be your workhorse on the farm, play toy on the trails or used around your home for pleasure. You could use it on the farm in the morning and go find a mud hole to play in later in the afternoon. There are many different models and sizes. Some are made more for work and some go fast sport bikes are made just for fun. No matter your need or use an ATV can be a great investment.


Let’s say you are a hunter and you need to get to a hard to reach spot. An ATV can access many more places than a vehicle can. With being much narrower and lighter than a pickup, you can squeeze through trees and guide through tight spots with ease.


If you compare the cost of a brand new ATV to a new truck or jeep or something similar, the ATV will be a lot less money! Whether you are using it on the farm or just for pure sport, an ATV will be the cheapest option and it will be much more fun!


ATVs are a ton of fun. There are many places you can go and ride with others that also enjoy riding. Whether it is riding trails through the woods or jumping sand dunes, there is an ATV for every type of rider. ATVs can make for great family fun. You can take the family camping or just get out and ride together. We offer four wheels as small as 50cc so even your small children can enjoy the thrill of riding!

Shop for an ATV at LSK Lebanon! 

With endless options for usability, an ATV is a great investment whether you need it for the farm, having fun, or just spending more time outdoors this summer! Stop by our ATV dealership in Lebanon, MO to view our vast selection of ATVs that can make this your best summer yet!

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