Here Comes the 31st Annual Lake of the Ozarks Shootout

One of the most anticipated annual boating events at the Lake of the Ozarks is happening on August 24 & 25, 2019 - the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout! These timed boat races are not only a weekend full of excitement but so much more. All kinds of fun events take place during the days leading up to the races. LSK Lebanon has the details for you in today's blog so you don't miss a minute of the action. 

What is the LOZ Shootout?
For those of you that haven't done a lot of boating at the Lake of the Ozarks, you might not be completely familiar with this event. Here's a quick rundown of what it involves. 

The LOZ Shootout is the largest unsanctioned boat race in the U.S. and has been named by Powerboat Magazine as one of the nation's 8 "must-see" boating events. Captain Ron's Bar & Grill in Sunrise Beach (MM 34.5) is the home base but spectators line the "racetrack" on the water in boats to catch all the action. Watercraft of all shapes and si…

Tips For Teaching Kids To Safely Operate ATVs

August is Family Fun Month and enjoying time together outdoors is a great way to have all kinds of family fun while making lasting memories to share. Our ATV dealership in Southwest Missouri offers ATVs in a variety of sizes for all ages. The experts at LSK Lebanon can help you find the right Powersports vehicles for your family but before picking one up, you should make sure everyone knows how to safely operate an ATV. 

ATVs are not toys (even though they are so much fun, you feel like a big kid with the most awesome toy ever!) Riders need to understand that these are powerful vehicles. A person needs to be mature enough to take on the responsibility of riding safely. The following tips will help you get the whole family prepared.

Prepare Yourself, Then the Kids
Even if you've been riding ATVs your entire life, each one can be slightly different. You as the parent should read the owners manual to familiarize yourself with the ATVs in Southern Missouri that you have purchased. Take n…

Current Powersports Factory Promotions You Don't Want To Miss

You can always find incredible prices at our Powersports & marine dealership in Southern Missouri but the factory promotions that we feature each month make those great deals even better. Each of them is only available for a limited time so if you see something you simply cannot pass up, get on over here to LSK Lebanon and take advantage of this special pricing while you still can. 


Military Customer Appreciation
Ending August 31
August is the final month for this terrific deal. Kawasaki is honoring all active, reserve, and retired United States military personnel with this special promotion now through 8/31/19. Military customers who purchase any 2019/Prior model year Kawasaki vehicle will be eligible to receive an incentive up to $250 which will be applied to the purchase price of the vehicle. Some exclusions do apply, but we'll have all of those details for you at the store.

Good Times Sales Event
Ending September 30
There's a little extra time left for this one from…

How to Find the Perfectly Sized Helmet for Motorcycles & Dirt Bikes

A properly fitting helmet is one of the most important items you can purchase to keep yourself safe while riding a motorcycle or dirt bike. Upon first shopping the helmets at our Southwest Missouri Powersports dealership in Lebanon, MO, you may be tempted to begin looking for the most attractive and least expensive options. 

We have plenty of those for you to choose from at LSK Lebanon, so no worries there, but those are not the most important factors for finding the right helmet. In the end, it won't matter what it looks like as long as it keeps you safe, which all boils down to that helmet fitting as perfectly as possible. 

An improperly fitting helmet can put you at risk instead of protecting you as it should. The best fit should feel comfortable and allow you to safely maneuver the vehicle. When a helmet is too big it could come off in a crash or move around while riding and impair your vision. A helmet that is too small can also make it harder to see and the discomfort can be a…

5 Great Reasons to Own Your Own Boat

Summertime in Missouri can get HOT! A great way to cool down and have some fun is by boating on one of Missouri’s many lakes. You may currently rent a boat every once a while or have some friends with a boat to go out on but owning a boat from LSK Lebanon puts you in control of your fun on the water! 

We’re lucky to have multiple lakes perfect for boating around our Southern Missouri Powersports and marine dealership. Here are 5 great reasons why you need to get yourself out there!

Boating Events
Throughout the summer you'll find lots of exciting boating events to attend. These events are a great place to socialize and relax on the weekend and they require very little planning on your part. Just load up the boat, call up a few friends, and head out! Your friends and family will be thanking you for yet another awesome weekend on the water when you take them to any of these events.

New Community
Not only are boating events great for socializing, just owning a boat opens you up to a new b…

The Importance of Proper Gear for Riding Dirt Bikes

For anyone deciding to try their hand at riding a dirt bike, it's very important to have the proper gear to keep yourself safe out on the course. Our Powersports dealership in Lebanon, Missouri is happy to help you find the perfect bike and we also want to make sure you get the proper gear needed as well. 

You can get many of those items from us at LSK Lebanon. Deciding exactly what to get first can be confusing with so much to choose from. Here are some tips to make sure you get what is needed to stay both comfortable and safe out there. 

Motocross Boots
Lots of riders concentrate on the jerseys and pants first, but protective gear should be your initial focus. Motocross boots, in particular, give you the support needed for all of those twists and impacts your feet and ankles will experience. It's tough to ride with a broken ankle! You might also consider wearing knee braces. Even if you don't need them now, they can help to prevent knee injuries that will make them a necess…

Stay Safe on the Water This 4th of July - Boating Safety Tips

A lot of traveling happens over a holiday. Around our Southern Missouri Powersports & marine dealership in Lebanon, that traveling happens both on the road and on the water. 

Last week we shared some motorcycle safety tips to keep in mind over the 4th of July. (Most of those tips work equally well for car trips!) Today LSK Lebanon is focusing our safety tips at all of you getting out on the lake over the holiday. 

Don't Drink & Drive
This is an obvious safety tip but, just like we said last week, one worth a reminder. It is against the law to drive a boat while under the influence. Passengers, on the other hand, may have open containers on the water. Make sure that your passengers are aware, though, that being intoxicated on a boat can be dangerous.  

Use Common Sense
Simply using a little common sense will go a long way in keeping you and everyone on your boat safe. Stay alert, maintain a safe speed on the water, and learn about the boat you will be driving as well as the area…