Water Activities That Will Make for The Perfect Summer at The Lake

There are plenty of water activities to try thissummer near Lake of the Ozarks. Weekends tend to be what everyone looks forward to after a long week of work. So, what better way to end the work week than by enjoying some water activities, that are not only perfect for the warm weather, but these also get your body moving for some fun exercise! So, slather on the sunscreen and get ready for the best summer days with these refreshing water activities you need to try this summer!


Kayaking has been around for a long time. Kayaks were first used by Eskimos and were made from driftwood to hunt and fish. It has evolved since then to a fun recreational water activity. It does require some upper body strength to move a kayak through the water, making it an enjoyable fitness endeavor. You can take the kayak out on some rough waters for a thrill of a ride or float through calmer waters for a more tranquil experience.  


There is nothing better than gliding on the water with a sailboat on a warm sunny day. The boat uses the wind in its sails to propel the boat forward on the water. Bring along some yummy snacks and drinks to cover all your bases. This laid-back version of boating can be a really relaxing experience while enjoying time with friends and family.


What better way to start off a weekend than fishing? It can be very therapeutic whether you went solo or brought a friend for company. Find a quiet, secluded spot on a lake, pond, or river and simply breath in the fresh air and appreciate the stillness or nature. Cast your line, wait for the bend of your rod, and see what you reel in! 

If you are looking for a rewarding hobby, fishing is for you! First, you need the perfect fishing boat! Let LSK Lebanon Powersports & Marine be of service to you. We have over 35 years of experience in the Central Missouri marine & powersport field and are ready to put it to work to ensure you a rip-roaring outdoor experience. 

Jet Skiing

Another fun water activity is jet skiing! This can be done on any body of water, specifically the “waves” from other boats at the lake. Maneuvering you way around and over waves is fun but also requires some skill and endurance. This can be a great way to get your thrills and can be enjoyed by all ages and skill levels. 

Paddle Boarding

Stand up paddle boarding involves standing on a board and using long paddles to help you navigate around the water. This can take balance but can be quickly learned in a quiet cove where there aren’t large waves. Overall, this is a very relaxing activity as you can paddle at your leisure. 

If these water activities are right up your alley, you should consider visiting us at LSK Lebanon Powersports and Marine. We have an array of boat selections that will peak your interest. Imagine enjoying these summer water activities with your family and friends this summer on the lake. It will be these moments that will make life-long memories!

At LSK Lebanon, we want to make this summer your most memorable with the best powersports and marine vehicles in the lake of the Ozarks! We hope to see you out on the lake this summer trying out some of these water activities! Call us when you decide you need some fun toys this summer!

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